Spain is Europe’s most active country in ART

Carlos_CalhazJorgeThe European IVF Monitoring (EIM) Consortium project began almost 20 years ago, with full support from the ESHRE. It was initiated by those who clearly understood that reliable information about the results of ART is absolutely necessary for clinicians, scientists, patients, politicians and wider society. From its inception, EIM has consisted of a group of national representatives who volunteered to collect ART data in their own countries (at present, half of the participating countries have official national registries).

The 2014 report presented during this Annual Meeting is a preliminary one since some countries have not provided their data yet (UK being the largest). Nevertheless, comparing the available data with those in the 2013 final report (which has now been submitted for publication) we see an increase in total numbers of treatment cycles (3%), mainly because Spain and Russia greatly increased their registry requirements. According to the data we received, Spain was the most active European country using ART, followed by Russia and France. Because of their particularly wide use in Spain, frozen embryo replacement and egg donation cycles also increased significantly. The recently seen proportion of 2:1 in the number of ICSI vs IVF cycles was once again evident in 2014..

Effectiveness in terms of clinical pregnancy per ovarian aspiration was shown to be quite stable compared with 2014, while the rate of clinical pregnancies per embryo transfer was slightly higher in all techniques except IUI (a treatment not considered ART in most countries).

Reported complications were once again very low, but we cannot exclude that this results from some underreporting.

Although transfers of three or more embryos still represent more than 40% of total transfers in a few countries, globally the proportion of single embryo transfers continues to increase in Europe (to almost 35% in 2014). The proportion of multiple deliveries showed a small decline to around 18% in twins (with triplets still at 0.5%).

Carlos Calhaz-Jorge, Chairman EIM Steering committee

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